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Guidelines to the Head of Institutions

Guidelines to the Head of Institutions are

  • All the admission process is to be done through M Tech admission portal of DTE :
  • The data, admit card, and all relevant certificates required for admission will be made available on this portal while a student is admitted to the College
  • The College authorities need to enter the application number to view the above data
  • A checklist will be shown along with the data
  • The verifying officer in College must verify all the original certificates and compare it with the soft copies available in the portal. Once verified, the verifying officer should click the ‘OK’ button in the portal and the original certificates are to be returned to the candidates
  • After verification of all the documents, the institution head should approve by clicking the ‘Approve’ button during the admission process
  • The head of the institutionisinstructed not to collect any fees along with the admission process. Any additional fees can be collected at the time of commencement of the classes or after the final spot admission
  • If any of the candidates want to apply for hostel facilities, such fees can be collected from the candidate
  • TC and conduct certificate collected from the candidate who have been admitted in the same institution admission can be maintained by the institution. TC and conduct certificate of candidates for other institutions of this admission must be sent to the office of the Directorate of Technical Education in a separate sealed cover with the indication of application numbers on its top
  • After the admission process, a check list will be generated from the admission portal that includes three sets, first for the candidate, second for the institution, and third for the candidates taking admission to other institutions
  • All the check lists must be duly signed by the candidate and the verifying officer
  • The third check list must be sent along with the TC and conduct certificate to the office of the Directorate of Technical Education if the admission is taken by candidates for after institutions
  • Admission letter generated from the portal, duly signed by the Principal should be handed over to the student